As a speck of recently evolved, simian nonsense; my main accolade in life involves clinging to a somewhat larger, celestial speck of nonsense for as many years as my tenacious and paint encrusted little monkey fingers have allowed.

Whilst battling for survival, cadmium red in tooth and claw, I have produced numerous book covers and illustrations for the likes of Penguin Books, Faber and Faber, Pearson Educational, GQ Magazine, and several smaller, independent publishers (for authors as diverse as Chester Himes, DH Lawrence and Mark Urban) . My award winning art has appeared in collected volumes of work including Spectrum Art and Penguin By Illustrators, and work has been exhibited in venues that include the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A Illustration Awards), and the National Portrait Gallery (BP Portrait Awards). I teach, and have had several ‘how to’ articles published in Artist and Illustrators Magazine.

blake v&a2


This is me with a vastly more talented and famous, super evolved simian. Can you tell that I’m a bit excited, and have had too many free glasses of champagne? Oh dear.

To summerise all the above – I make stuff.

If you want me to make stuff for/with you – please use the form over on the Contact Page, with the details. Alternatively – if you haven’t already been there, you can see more examples of my work over at my homepage website ar.net.

Cheers –