Month: January 2020

The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner…

… is a particularly weird and wonderful RPG adventure for DCC, recently (and successfully) kickstarted by author Stephen Newton of Thick Skull Adventures. As these things go – it has it’s teeth well and truly sunk into the Weird West genre – and if that sort of thing floats your boat, then head over to the Kickstarter for a full synopsis.

I had been already been commissioned for a couple of panels, when the kickstarter hit it’s stretch goals, and I was fortunate to pick up an extra meaty monster pic. There’s quite a nice little flow of images in the design process here as the final picture takes shape – so I thought I’d share them.

1: Super basic early scamp:


I’m a little embarrassed about how basic and uninspiring this doodle might have looked to Stephen when it plopped onto his lap. It was, to be fair, only meant to convey the following information. Double page spread – monster one side, wing and text the other. Still – this was enough to get a green light and on to the next stage.

2: Still a scamp.. but…

scamp 2

… starting to flesh the idea out. Initially – this looked to be something a bit bestial, squatting on top of a pile of crud. On reflection – it seemed to lack the dark intelligence that this creature could be harbouring (as a quasi-deity). So I decided to push the next version harder and give it a semi-humanoid form.

3: Lord of Decay…

ggck early

With each stage, and as I bear down on the final concept – I tend to invest more and more time to rendering detail. It’s also interesting to see which elements make it through from one iteration to the next. Much of Stephens writing described the effects of Ggck’ Kalic’s powers (all of which are rather unpleasant), so I introduced a victim to better exemplify the necrotic and disease inducing shenanigans at he/she/its disposal.

4: And it’s quarry…


Because the victim started to feel like a major element of the image, I put together a separate character sketch to get a better feel for him. Not looking happy. No sir.

5a: Final Image

© Aaron Robinson 2020 all rights reserved

Inked. You can see I doubled down on our victim looking even worse than before. It didn’t seem like the time for subtlety! I also moved the hands away from holding the head – the principle being that something about to happen is more visually gripping than the thing itself. One’s mind/imagination fills in the blanks with far more visceral detail than I could render!

5b: detail

Lovely. What’s that you say? This would make a lovely print for the fantasy art fanatic in your life?! I quite agree; go to Redbubble to pick up a quality print (the phone cover looks especially delicious!).

Last but not least, a quick word of thanks to Mort, a big hitter for DCC,  especially this side of the pond (UK). A mutual friend to Stephen and I, who put in a good word for me at an opportune moment. Thanks, man.