Dark Trails RPG…

It feels great to be limbering up for a few new pieces, and the forthcoming  Dark Trails RPG looks like a project with BAGS of potential. The basic premise is a fusion of genres that sees a gritty take on the Wild West, colliding with Cthulhu mythos, seen through a kaleidoscope of Native American mythology, peppered with a plethora of Central and South American culture… Weird West! It’s the brainchild of David Baity (Carnival of the Damned), and looks likely to kickstart this year sometime. I’ve already had a shot at play testing the current version (that like Carnival – riffs off the excellent Dungeon Crawl Classics system) – and have to say I had a blast. I’ll be posting links as soon as I hear any more.

Here then, is the first of a few pieces I’ve submitted. The tentacled badge just came to me, like a slide dropping into my head. All I had to do was project it onto my sketchbook. There was a little bit of tweaking, as I felt that I needed to make the badge a bit more legible for the whole image to read a little easier – but it was that most rare type of art; one that happily falls off the end of your pen onto the page.

Art nerds will spot a little of the process (I traced an outline of my preferred version, and then used a grid to enlarge a master outline, from which to develop further). The sketchpad is an A4 moleskin. They’re not cheap, and the yellow tint isn’t for everyone, but graphite glides beautifully across the surface of the page – and they are robust enough to take hard working images without pilling, tearing or in any other way giving up on you!

Finally – this image is leading the charge on my RedBubble POD assault. I haven’t really moved in yet (expect a series of attention seeking posts when I do), but if you wanted this image printing on anything from ‘under-crackers’ to a ‘bearskin rug’ – that’s the place to go!

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