Dead Tree 2


Here’s the finished piece. Pretty pleased with how it turned out. I was aiming for an etheriel kind of mood here, and I think I just about found it. Because of the complexity of the main trunk (and the thousands of notices pinned to it), I gave the landscape a shallow depth of field, and the blurred foreground and distance served well to juxtapose (and not clash) with the mid. I also used a little one point perspective in the buildings to send the views eye straight to the same area – although thats pretty subtle – and you’ll notice the antenna all pretty much act as sign posts, leading you to the same point.


    1. Thanks! The lion’s share is produced in gouache paint and pencil crayon. There’s a little digital tinkering going on over the top – but there’s a painting that exists ‘outside of a computer’ that’s doing most of the work here!


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