Dead Tree

This one is currently on the drawing board. Another piece for the Umerican Survival guide. My design issue here, was that I wanted to amp up the post-apocalyptic theme here, but was struggling with a design solution. My initial idea was to include some of the city wall in the background, and maybe add some cranes and other industrial equipment. Problem was, this would interfere with the branches of the tree somewhat. While drawing the tree from A5 sketch to A3 final, the foreground suggested something a bit more geometric to help describe the perspective. In order to flag these shapes as rooftops (and keep the sense of scale with the giant, dead tree), I thought about putting ariels and transmitting devices on them. This both took the pressure off background ‘dressing’ and will provide opportunities to mirror the shapes of the branching tree. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, design just resolves itself!


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