Month: April 2017

The Flats…

Untitled… is an area in the City of Scrap wholly given over to post apocyliptic car racing. The participants evolved along with the drawing. They seemed vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on where the inspiration had come from, or where I might have seen them before. The octopoid arrived first, and his geometric companion arrived shortly afterwards (his cuboid form implimented as a juxtaposition to his wobbly co-driver). My ‘artistic’ decision. Then it struck me…


Dead Tree 2


Here’s the finished piece. Pretty pleased with how it turned out. I was aiming for an etheriel kind of mood here, and I think I just about found it. Because of the complexity of the main trunk (and the thousands of notices pinned to it), I gave the landscape a shallow depth of field, and the blurred foreground and distance served well to juxtapose (and not clash) with the mid. I also used a little one point perspective in the buildings to send the views eye straight to the same area – although thats pretty subtle – and you’ll notice the antenna all pretty much act as sign posts, leading you to the same point.

Dead Tree

This one is currently on the drawing board. Another piece for the Umerican Survival guide. My design issue here, was that I wanted to amp up the post-apocalyptic theme here, but was struggling with a design solution. My initial idea was to include some of the city wall in the background, and maybe add some cranes and other industrial equipment. Problem was, this would interfere with the branches of the tree somewhat. While drawing the tree from A5 sketch to A3 final, the foreground suggested something a bit more geometric to help describe the perspective. In order to flag these shapes as rooftops (and keep the sense of scale with the giant, dead tree), I thought about putting ariels and transmitting devices on them. This both took the pressure off background ‘dressing’ and will provide opportunities to mirror the shapes of the branching tree. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, design just resolves itself!


Data Bat

Cover Art Alert!! OK – as alerts go – this one is a year late.. but as I’m populating this new blog… Cover Art Alert!!! I called this one ‘Data Bat’ – and it made the cover of Crawling Under a Broken Moon Issue 13.

This came off the back of playing a lot (too much) Destiny – The Taken King; and I think Oryx muscled his way through the loose constraints of my subconscious and onto the page. Maybe.

small data bat